Trading as: Alderton Farming Co


  • Wheat and other crops

  • Cattle Chickpeas Cottonseed Maize Sorghum Wheat

  • 3037 Hectares

  • 625 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Undulating Brigalow country running to loamy creek flats. Approx two thirds farmed with the remainder predominantly improved grass pastures.

  • Crop rotations are dependant on commodity prices, availability of water and soil health. A regular year may see the production of cotton and corn in summer, and chickpeas and wheat in winter. Other crops such as mungbeans, millet, peanuts and sorghum are also grown in the right conditions. Cattle are also backgrounded opportunistically and small areas of Alderton are also sharefarmed for the production of melons and pumpkins.


Farm Description

Alderton has an irrigation licence and draws out of the Dogwood Creek, storing water in two resevoirs for flood irrigation of cotton and corn and centre pivot irrigation of cotton, mungbeans and chickpeas. The efficiency of flood irrigation on the farm is currently being reviewed.