• Mixed Livestock-crops

  • Canola Cattle Lambs Wheat Wool

  • 1600 Hectares

  • 450 Millimeters

  • 64mm - 1634 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Red loam through to lite sand and also some heavy clay suitable for growing rice

  • We run 1200 Merino ewes joined to Border leister rams, we grow approximately 1000 ha of winter crops, mainly wheat and canola. We also grow a small area of rice. Our pastures are mainly lucerne based.


Farm Description

My parent bought Avondowns, where my wife and I live, in the early seventies (260 ha), in 1992 they bought Oakpark (430 ha). I returned home to the farm in 2000 after completing a welding apprenticeship and in 2001 I bought a neighbouring property to Oakpark, Clonemore Park (210 ha). In 2003 a succession plan was put into with my parents moving to town and I purchased Oakpark. We lease Avondowns off my parents. At the end of 2006 my now wife returned home after completing a bachelor of science (agronomy) at CSU in Wagga. This year we have leased a neighbouring farm consisting of 720 ha. My wife and I have also had our first child this year. My father still comes out from town and helps out. Our land varies from undulating broad acre to lasered irrigation.