• Beef

  • Cattle

  • 2400 Hectares

  • 550 Millimeters

  • 24mm - 1848 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Developed softwood scrub on self-mulching black cracking clay.
    Developed open downs.

  • We run a core herd of about 350 Brangus, Droughtmaster and Santa Gertrudis cows running with Brangus bulls. The breeders are rotated around 6 buffel grass paddocks. Weaner heifers are sold straight off mum, and weaner steers are backgrounded with our trade steers. We turn over about 1000 trade steers (including our weaners) each year depending on the seasons. We buy in at about 350kg and sell to southern feedlots at 450-520kg feedlot weight. The steers are rotated in 2 mobs, bigs and smalls, around 10 paddocks improved to butterfly and grasses.


Farm Description

We purchased Barngo in 2002 as a working broadachre farm. We had 2 paddocks and 2 troughs. Over the last 10 years we have turned this into 16 paddocks with 20 troughs, a set of full steel yards, laneway system and improved pastures. It has taken the land a long time to recover from 40+ years of cultivation, but the last couple of good seasons have seen a beautiful mixture of native and sown pastures take hold. We have more infrastructure planned, as buying trade cattle is like a lucky dip and we find that the more movement we can give the cattle, the better it is for their temperament. The rotations have also been a big key factor in the successful rehabilititation of this ex-farm into profitable pastures.