Bundaleer & Burrowa

Trading as: RP&JS Newnham


  • Beef

  • Cattle

  • 400 Hectares

  • 800 Millimeters

  • 6mm - 11 days ago

  • 695.5 Millimeters

  • Sandy loam to granitic outcrops. 40:60 flat to undulating with a couple of good heifer pre-calving conditioning hills. Top soil is pretty shallow with a tendency to average pH 4.8 which we are trying to push upwards. The property is quite springy, so we have a number of no go zones in winter or risk bogging and swearing. We are in the process of rearranging fence lines and installing reveg plots and contour drains to address the soggy problem areas. We have grassy woodland areas adjacent to Crown land and a Trust For Nature Covenanted block (we are trustees to a rare white Stringy Bark tree.)

  • We aim to turn off Angus weaners at approx 10 months (300Kg). We run approx 240 commercial Angus breeders. We are currently in process of improving our herd and quality of product by scrutinizing carcass feed back data and rigorous culling of cows we consider less than ideal based on poor repro performance/ poor performance of their off spring/ bad temperament/feet/udders, less than average ability to maintain condition under our paddock conditions. we buy the best bulls we can (within budget!) and base choice on conformation/temperament/free of recessive nasty gene carrier status and EBV's that favour our product, so those that drive good carcass traits and 200-400 day growth figures. Effectively we have quite challenging weather conditions, so our animals have to be frost and heat tolerant, manage on soggy to rocky ground and grow well without supplementary feeding. We think we are winning!