Camira Downs

Trading as: Camira Downs


  • Beef & Sheep

  • Cattle Lambs Pig Sheep Meat

  • 500 Hectares

  • 1300 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters

  • A mixture from nearly pure sand flats through to hard cracking clays in the hills.

  • We run three separate enterprises at Camira Downs.
    Dorper Sheep Stud - Due to our sub-tropical location we are selecting sheep and breed lines that are worm resistant with excellent feet. This way we can supply flocks to coastal hobby farmers and give them the highest quality of sheep with the least amount of maintenance.
    Alongside this we run Beef Cattle, depending on the year these are either turned off as weaners or if I have had the time to produce sufficient pasture are grown out.
    Our newest venture is the establishment of a Free Range Piggery. We have fenced off an allocated 25 acres that we will divide up further for the grazing and management of Free Range Pigs.


Farm Description

Our farm is located in within the Northern Rivers of NSW. Here we enjoy a reasonable rainfall and a milder winter. Of course due to the higher rainfall in this area and the predominance of sandstone our soils are highly weathered and nutrient poor. We spend a lot of time and research into trying to grow our soil life.
Every year we complete more fencing to split larger paddocks down into smaller pastures thereby providing us with further resources to micro manage our land.
We try as much as possible to use sustainable biological measures to improve our pastures but we have found that sometimes certain areas still need a quick boost of added nutrients to get the cycle going.