Caragabal West

Trading as: Caragabal west Pty Ltd


  • Sheep & Wool

  • Cattle Lambs Wool

  • 4704 Hectares

  • 450 Millimeters

  • 46mm - 1268 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Majority of country flaking grey clay loam, water overflow area poorly drained cracking brown loam, some hard setting red/white clay

  • 2500 merino ewes produsing 112 to 120 % meino lambs, aprox. 500 cfa ewes producing 120% prime lambs. 240 Angus cows producing 99% calves, steer calves sold off cows at 6 months, heafers classed at 12 months. Last two years aprox. half cull heafers sold to Russia.


Farm Description

All country natural pasture, no intentionaly introduced grasses. Pastures all being managed with controled grazing