Chevalley Cattle


  • Beef

  • Cattle Poultry

  • 500 Hectares

  • 900 Millimeters

  • 1mm - 1502 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Granite undulating. Spring Fed watercourses and main stream, creeks and river.

  • We breed stud South Devon and Grey and Red Brahmans. We also have a commercial Hereford herd as well as crossbred breeders of the above crosses. Occasionally an Angus bull might be used to breed Black Baldies as well as Charolais to produce Charbray.
    We also breed large Gold Laced Wyandottes and Bantam Gold Laced Wyandottes as well as Ancona and Large Silver Laced Wyandottes. We also breed Bengalese and Zebra finches. We also have a large garden that will be open to the public for fundraising in the future.


Farm Description

This property was initially a full Hereford herd with the occasional use of an Angus. With the arrival of the South Devons and Brahmans 15 years ago by a new partner. the crossbreeding has come to the fore. We are currently looking for another British or European breed with which to breed some of our heifers, away from Angus. Some breeds that have captured our thoughts are British White, Tarentaise and Aubrac.