Trading as: IS& HM Gray


  • Sheep & Wool

  • Lambs Sheep Meat Wool

  • 560 Hectares

  • 375 Millimeters

  • 5mm - 1728 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Sandy Loam, irrigation - generally flat

  • Poll Dorset Stud, selling stud rams and flock rams. First cross ewe flock producing lambs using Poll Dorset sires. On property Flock Ram sale late September each year. Fleeces to the wool market several times a year. Crops grown for sheep grazing as well as hay production and grain storage for sheep feed during the dryer months. Lucerns for sheep grazing.


Farm Description

Our farm is a husband and wife operation in the well held Southern Riverina district. We have been farming here for only 10 years having previously farmed in Victoria for over 30 years. This farm having previously under crop rotation for 17 years had to be re fenced for containment of livestock. The soil here has been consistantly improved using composted manure with a liquid calcium input to the growing crop. Minimal other fertiliser is used. The pastures have been renovated over time since the end of the drought and weed spraying is minimal as well.