Double C Brafords

Trading as: Double C Pastoral


  • Beef

  • Cattle Lambs Sheep Meat

  • 1700 Hectares

  • 72mm - 1527 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Braford cattle - we run a self replacing braford Stud and commercial herd - we aim to sell approx 35 two year old bulls each year with the majority of bulls being sold into western NSW, we also support the National Braford Sale in Rockhampton with up to 5 bulls annually. depending a on the season and markets our steers are either sold as yearlings or kept and fattened on oats and sold as two year olds usually to butchers or feedlots through the local saleyards. Our Braford females are highly sought after. We do an annual assessment of our herd we are very hard on fertility, conformation (including udders and feet), and temperament - all non breeding or CFA cows and heifers are fattened and put through the fat sale at the local yards. all heifers and cows that dont suit our breeding objectives but are still sound breeders are offered either off farm or through the store sale at the local yards and will either be sold PTIC or CAF.
    Prime Lambs - we run a white Dorper, white Dorper x self replacing flock of about 1000 breeding ewes. we aim to sell our lambs at about the 45kg average weight with our main buyers being supermakets and butchers.