• Sheep & Wool

  • Lambs Wool Stud stock

  • 325 Hectares

  • 600 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Our soils are variable, ranging from poorly developed lithosols to deeply weathered silty clay loams. We have two creeks running through our country and steep cliffs of rock with quartz tracts follow the pathway of Dicks Creek which flows into Yass River. Our pasture is totally native, mainly comprised of Microlaena sp., Danthonia spp., Themeda and Stipa spp., all with a base of Sub clover.

  • We still are recovering from the drought and are slowly building numbers back up. We run 400 - 600 head of superfine Merinos - all coloured. Before you fly off the handle about contamination ... we supply a niche market with our 17 micron clip going to countries such as Korea, India and Italy where it is blended with white wool of the same specification. Less dye needs to be used in the late stage processing, enabling the fabric makers to wax lyrical about how eco sensitive they are. We put out three colour lines of light grey, dark grey and black (very rare).


Farm Description

Apart from being a registered stud (F 555) with the BCSBAA(Vic) and supplying stud and commercial animals for other breeders, Drap'hyd is a host educational farm, taking students from primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education. We also donate sheep to schools who care for them, prepare and exhibit in Agricultural shows. We ourselves are now retired from showing, but still fit up animals for various exhibitors who live in towns and agist here. We had a very successful time in the showring with the highlight probably being exhibiting at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo where we held the Grand Champion Ram, Reserve Grand Champion Ewe, Grand Champion Lamb, Champion Sires Progeny Group of Three and the Champion Breeders Group of Three.