Trading as: 5th Gen Grazing Co Pty Ltd


  • Beef

  • Cattle

  • 7000 Hectares

  • 600 Millimeters

  • 19mm - 362 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Mostly light clay loams with some black cracking clay flats

  • 600 breeding cows, Droughtmaster with 1st crossing to Senepol bulls


Farm Description

Drumburle is a family beef farm south of Thangool, central QLD

Our mission is to produce beef in the best environmental, social and economical fashion.

This page is for anyone who wants information about, or supports, sustainable beef production on Drumburle- an Australian family owned cattle property since 1875.

The following are just some of the environmental management techniques we use in the day to day management of our farm:

Our animals - we love our cattle, horses, dogs and donkeys and always ensure they are happy and healthy. Management practices and husbandry methods we use with our cattle include:

All cattle are grazed on open forest/rangeland pasture, both natural native and improved (e.g. with planted legumes like seca stylo and leucaena).

The Droughtmaster breed of cattle are suited to the central Queensland environment - they're resistant to parasites, protect their calves, tolerate seasonal extremes (both dry and wet) and finish well.

We yard wean and train cattle so that they are familliar with yard procedures.

We vaccinate calves but resist using chemical treatments, rather, we allow the droughtmaster breed to build their natural resistance to parasites.

We use donkeys as guard animals to protect young stock against wild dog attacks.

We have a strong focus on monitoring pasture and ground cover, and this has a strong link with good stocking rates.

We use our PMAV (Property Map of Assessable vegetation) to map out and include nature corridors, savannah areas and completely natural zones.

We use legumes within pastures, including Leucaena, an edible forage tree. Legumes fix nitrogen into the soil to promote soil health and grass growth.

We rotational graze to spell pasture, especially in the summer growing season