Eagle Vale


  • Mixed Livestock-crops

  • 2500 Hectares

  • 350 Millimeters

  • 40mm - 1624 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Grazing country on the northern block lower rainfall,(300mm), blue bush, salt bush, bindi and a variety of other natural pasture, with some marginal cropping country as well.
    Southern block, higher rainfall (350mm), continuous cropping with wheat, barley, peas, lupins and vetch and sheep run on the stubbles over the summer, therefore giving the northern block a 'spell'

  • Run a self replacing Merino flock, with mediun wool and large frame. Breed our own rams (sell the odd one to the neighbours).
    Grow high protien wheat with limited inputs of chemicals and artifical fertilizer, using low analysis soil friendly fertilizer, balance nutrition and legumes (vetch every 3-4 years).
    Work the theory 'Healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy end produce and healthy livestock'