• Beef

  • Cattle

  • 2000 Hectares

  • 600 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters

  • A mix of sandy clay ridges, Brigalow, Belah, Box and approximately 5km of frontage to the Condamine River with a number of natural, permanent lagoons.

  • We are involved with the family seedstock herd of 600 registered breeders, turning off Angus and Brangus bulls from yearlings through to two years of age. Sandon Glenoch Angus bulls are prepared to a joining weight, not a finishing weight, on a grass based diet to enable them to graze, adapt and perform in their new environments. We place a high emphasis on fertility and believe in sustainable grazing management. On Elgin we manage all of the mature breeders of the SGA herd, sending weaners back to the home property at Chinchilla.


Farm Description

As a young couple passionate about the rural way of life, we have taken the step into the business side of grazing, through leasing and operating our own property together.