Trading as: RJ & DW Tyler


  • Beef

  • Cattle Lambs

  • 616 Hectares

  • 800 Millimeters

  • 31mm - 1714 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Ranges from coastal sand to clay to sand over clay.

  • Predominantly breeding and fattening Angus beef cattle with a few hundred sheep to keep the stress levels up.


Farm Description

Family commenced wheat growing at Korrelocking in Western Australia in 1908, partnership between brothers disolved and our branch moved to Wagerup in SW Australia to commence dairying in 1931. Farm eventually purchased by Alcoa in late 1970's and family moved to farming land at Lake Clifton 20km to the west running beef cattle and a few sheep. Own various farming properties between Yarloop and the Coast now.