GOLD CREEK Galloways

Trading as: Gold Creek Galloways


  • Beef

  • Cattle

  • 60 Hectares

  • 800 Millimeters

  • 18mm - 1353 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • We are now in Braidwood in southern NSW. The soil is granite-based and the pasture is good. We still hope to greatly improve the soil and the pasture with by cell grazing.

  • We breed Miniature White Galloway cattle - our GOLD CREEK Stud is building a reputation for breeding small, white, particularly docile traditional Galloways. Our cattle are seriously quiet and have subsequently become highly sought after by first-time livestock owners. They are a rare breed and we want to build up the number of full blood and pure bred Miniature White Galloway cattle in Australia.

    We thought it was a hobby when we bought two steers. We now have what may well be one of the largest herds in Australia but given the circumstances, the number is still tiny - under 40 head! An almost embarrassing number looking at the herd sizes of all the 'real' cattle grazers out there, but an achievement all the same.


Farm Description

More of a 'boutique farm' if there is such a thing. We breed Miniature White Galloway cattle as a way of introducing first time live stock owners to cattle. Most of our inquiries and sales come via the internet. Half of our clients bought their cattle site unseen.
We have several websites now:

I have more recently built a website to educate children about cattle and to publish our anti-bullying material-