Trading as: P & C Bairstow & Co


  • Mixed Livestock-crops

  • Barley Canola Lambs Lupins Sheep Meat Wheat Wool

  • 2500 Hectares

  • 1mm - 1645 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters



Farm Description

A mixed farming property, sheep and cropping. Have a SAMM stud-Gulnare SAMM, so breed rams to sell and produce a commercial flock for meat production.
A family farm
Should up date here as things are changing in our lives. We have sold our SAMM stud and are in the process of selling some of our land. A reluctant decision but Phil and i are getting older, have no-one coming home to take over ,and there is a lot of Australia to see :) Have genuinely loved farming and have no regrets. Glad that it is what we have done, both ups and downs, and that it has been a fantastic place to bring up children. We always said that our kids should come home because they wanted to, not because they felt they should.They are all passionate about what they are doing and still have interests in agriculture-just not home on the farm. Phil and I will always have a passion and interest in agriculture and will still be farming for a while but on a smaller scale. Oh and it does rain here. I just have not updated the rainfall.