Jay Newell


  • Mixed Livestock-crops

  • Poultry Sheep Meat Vegetables Wool

  • 300 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Near flat,open for the most part..

  • Mixed small acre vegitable cropping,Well established poultry runs and free range set up for ducks and chickens holding tween 50 & 150 head at a given time during rotation.Also run approx 10 to 20 head of sheep at a time just enough rotation for our own plate and some mates.


Farm Description

Not much to it the house(transportable) was put on the block 21 years ago i have owned it for 8 years.In the beginning new to the area i had to travel away alot to get work to pay off loan but now well possitioned allrounder working with larger local primary producer.We have named the lot Jayro a combination of both mine and my partners names,Jay and Roxanne..