Kelpie Mad Park

Trading as: Kelpie Mad Trading


  • Other

  • Lambs Poultry Sheep Meat Wheat

  • 55 Hectares

  • 275 Millimeters

  • 15mm - 1588 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Irrigated lommy soil

  • Numerous size projects: Indian Runnrs ducks, chooks for eggs; Dorper sheep for meat and sale; breed Australian Kelpies for working dogs;


Farm Description

I have only been here 2 years and have been busy trying to clean up and refence a very run down little farm. My brothers are moving down soon so we can form a Family Trust and turn the farm firstly, into a self-sifficient farm and then to provide us all with a very small income.
Looking at old style methods of farming and lots of little ideas to make money and feed us all.