Kimberley Station

Trading as: HC & JF Bright


  • Goat

  • Sheep Meat Goats

  • 12.50mm - 1657 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Limestone. Black oak and bluebush. Red Sand. Spinifex and Mallee.

  • Started in Merinos and then through 15 years of drought (1995 to 2010) finished selling the flock after agisting for years and ended with farming Rangeland goats and trying to cross with South African Boer in paddocks we have strong controls. Also have some dorper crosses but a small mob to enable the ability to have a secondary income which we could breed from should the goat industry collapse.


Farm Description

Approximately 80,000 acres.

Through last century the rainfall was 9" but the average has dropped in the last 20 years.

Family property of 3 generations. (My great - grandfather, grandfather and currently my father.) Originally a solder settlers block which my great grandfather choose as he at the time was the Overseer at Buckalow who at the time the place (paddock) belong too.

Our family has a long history with agriculture and many of the current generations are on the land. My uncle and cousins are on properties near Surat, QLD. I have many second cousins on properties around Broken Hill. Through my fathers childhood the family also had a farm new Orroroo, SA.

Cheers Lee-Anne