Trading as: Koolah Angus Beef / Willow Creek Camp


  • Beef

  • Cattle Milk Education

  • 336 Hectares

  • 870 Millimeters

  • 4mm - 1725 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Acidic glacial sands in valleys to Loamy sands along the range.
    Native vegetation in most of the gullies with highly productive hill tops.

  • Dryland Holstein Dairy (leased out) running 270 milkers. Dries are at a different location.
    Angus Beef breeding herd used to focus on milk vealers to local markets, but vealer premium has dissappeared in the last few years due to closer feedlots available. Moving to a 5 month weaning system with grain imprinting for the steers and keeping most heifers to sell PTIC to local breeders. Hope to increase our sales of young Angus bulls to dairies as cover bulls for AI programs, as well as farm gate beef sales.
    Farm School Camp built in 1974, hoping to increase size to 90 beds in a new facility in the next few years to capture larger groups and increase profit margin.


Farm Description

Koolah has been in our family since 1949. This is a fairly recently opened up part of SA, some areas were still greenfield sites during WW2 due to the rough terrain along the coast.
Water rights are becomming an issue with the NRM Water Allocation Plans about to come into force.
We have a lot of tourists who stop to admire our cattle and kangaroos which is nice - as long as we haven't been out shooting recently.
Only 80kms from Adelaide CBD and we don't get broadband internet, except by satellite, and mobile phones are of no use in our quiet little valley. Well done Telstra.
UHF radios rarely reach from one property to the next due to hills, yet we seem to pick up Kangaroo Island farmers clearly from 50kms away.
Wouldn't want to live anywhere else.