Lancen Creek


  • Beef

  • Cattle

  • 2456 Hectares

  • 650 Millimeters

  • 75mm - 1759 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Undulating Forest with Bloodwood/Ironbark


Farm Description

Mark and I purchased "Lancen Creek" in 2009, and we also lease our neighbouring property "Caringa" (where we live) from my mother which consists of another 1260Ha of bloodwood/ironbark breeder country and some fattening brigalow/bottletree scrub country.

Our business is run as a commercial brangus herd, consisting of 600 females of which are half Brangus running with Brangus bulls, and the other half are Brahman cows running with Angus bulls. When we first started out we had predominately Brahman cows, and we are slowly breeding our way to a black herd.

Until now Mark and I have always sold offspring straight off the cow to the store market as a weaner. We have recently taken a new direction with our young cattle, by holding on to them to grow out to around 350 - 400 kg for the MSA feeder market, both female and male cattle. One of our goals over the next year or so is to become EU accredited.

We make money from our cattle, but we also have so many other jobs on our agenda. Such as grass management, weed management, water and erosion and the list goes on, as you would all know.

We have have been given such an great opportunity, and really look forward to being part of such a diverse lifestyle and industry.