Millsteed and Sons


  • Mixed Livestock-crops

  • Barley Canola Cattle Lupins Wheat Wool

  • 3600 Hectares

  • 360 Millimeters

  • 17.50mm - 1742 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Mixed

  • Running a mixed farming enterprise. Approx half crop, half out for livestock.
    Cropping is predominately Wheat, with Lupins also grown every year, with opportunistic plantings of Canola and Barley.
    Running around 1700 self replacing Merino ewe flock.
    50 Poll Hereford cattle.


Farm Description

The original home farm, "Reeno", was taken up in 1951 by my Grandfather.

He originated from Wongan Hills, and came over during the war, which saw him shearing, and sharefarming, eventually being able to purchase "Reeno".

My father and uncle then formed a partnership, which sees us in our current structure.

They initially bought "Linga Longa" in 1969, then "Glenview" in 1980, then we bought a couple of portions of "Valmere" in 1990. The last purchase joined the existing farms up into one block which has been a great move. We then purchased a further add on block "Carot Well" in 2006.
Currently on the farm is my Mum and Dad, with the Uncle and Aunt, with my cousin and I working.

Adam (cousin) and I take care of most day to day operations. With Jeff (Dad) and Brent (uncle) still having pivotal roles, especially at peak busy times.

Both Adam and I are married, he with 3 kids, and I just have the one.

Love farming here. Have had some tough years since 2000, in terms of weather, but I do feel that they have made us better farmers, more reactive now then ever before.