Mindalong West


  • Pig

  • Cattle Lambs Lupins Pig Poultry Vegetables Wheat Wool my self contained heirloom veggie patch

  • 242 Hectares

  • 400 Millimeters

  • 2.50mm - 4 days ago

  • 607 Millimeters

  • yellow sand on clay

  • Heritage Saddle Backs (as seen in My photo) and Merinos and cattle and grain


Farm Description

Due to Fusarium contamination in grain the few pigs that have survive have come back on heat and are now having piglets,. Our Numbers fell dramatically... Change in direction by getting out of the whites and staying with the Heritage Saddle Backs......and reducing the numbers, Have applied for registration of a new breed! Wait and see how we happens and if we get it, dont see why we wont....but you never know!!

Adding Merino sheep to the farm along with cows and will from here on put a small crop in....too frightened to buy in any more grain from outside the farm....and of course a bit more time for me.... chickens and an incubator and a vegetable garden made up of heirloom vegetables........ more taste..... no chemicals.