Mt Pleasant

Trading as: Mt Pleasant Primary Production


  • Beef

  • Cattle Lambs Pig Sheep Meat

  • 161 Hectares

  • 625 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Sandy loam - Top Half
    Black Soil Flats - Bottom Half near Dalrymple Creek

  • We run 100 head of cattle and about 40 head sheep


Farm Description

We breed Murray Grey and British White cattle . Murray Greys are well known . British White cattle are still a rare old English breed . Most stock are sold off farm . Sheep are primarily for home consumption as with the pigs . Excess sold privately and if numbers too great sold through agent sales . Sheep are primarily black suffolk and crosses but using an East Friesian ram at the moment . Pigs have been Large Black ( rare breed) and Hampshire . Using chemicals is avoided but do use necessary animal medications if desperately needed. Lot- fed animals definitely not a choice .