Nowlan Farms

Trading as: Nowlan Trading


  • Beef

  • Cattle

  • 213 Hectares

  • 1059 Millimeters

  • 10mm - 1794 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Farm 1 - mostly alluvial flat
    Farm 2 - mostly undulating

  • Small coastal commercial producer of F1 black baldy 7-8 month old vealers on the northern rivers of NSW. Vealers are sold straight off the cow to re-stockers. I breed self-replacing hereford breeders and F1 black baldys. I sell some black baldy heifers PTIC but retain most. All progeny are from stud hereford and angus bulls.


Farm Description

The 'home farm' was settled by my late grandparents in 1925. They arrived here in horse and sulky with 2 young sons. My late father was born six weeks after they arrived. They had no buildings, no fences, no wells, no stock. They built a 2 room 'house', a dairy, pigsty and barn. In the 1960s my parents purchased the farm over the road and during the 70s changed from dairying and pigs to beef cattle - horned herefords.
My father passed away in late 2006 and I somehow managed to take over the reins. Eighteen months later I had changed to cross breeding retaining the horned hereford backbone and introducing angus bulls to two other mobs and first-calf heifers.
I have a passion for cattle breeding and appreciate all well-bred cattle, regardless of breed.
My 'hereford and black baldy girls' are my love which is reflected in their quiet temperament.