Trading as: Riverlets Miniature Herefords


  • Beef

  • 140 Hectares

  • 1429 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Clay and limestone

  • Two studs - conventional polled Hereford and Miniature Hereford. Larger cattle calved at 3 years, smaller ones at 2 years. Larger bulls sold to dairy farms mainly as 2-yr-olds. Miniature females kept to build up herd - bulls sold to go over dairy heifers for easier calving or to other mini studs. Steers sold to lifestyle blocks for finishing and private consumption.


Farm Description

Rolling country, 95% grazing. Hay and silage made for winter feed and surplus kept for drought years. No crops. Areas of native bush protected. Several dams with the biggest one supplying troughs on farm by gravity feeding. Grass mainly ryegrass and clover. Any new ryegrass sown is the non-ergot type as staggers are a problem at some times of the year. Most mineral levels adequate but cattle given magnesium supplements before and after calving to prevent milk fever. Paddocks prone to pugging in winter hence introduction of Miniature Herefords which graze these areas when bigger cattle cut up the pasture.