Roberts Ag


  • Mixed Livestock-crops

  • 3500 Hectares

  • 400 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters



Farm Description

Two brothers farming together with their families trading as Roberts Ag. Three properties comprising 'Home Farm', 'Heggaton' and 'Darke Peak' .

'Home Farm' - 14km north of Cleve was purchased from Steven's Parents recently by Roberts Ag. It was orginally bought by Stevens parents in 1982.

'Heggaton' - 22kms North East of the Home Farm was purchased by Steven and Natalie in 2001.

'Darke Peak' - 45kms North West of the Home Farm is owned by Natalies parents, and we are currently leasing that property, as well as sharefarming some of Natalies Uncles Property at Darke Peak also.