Trading as: KJ Heenan and JR Hill


  • Beef & Sheep

  • Cattle Sheep Meat Wool

  • 55 Hectares

  • 950 Millimeters

  • 4mm - 1627 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • River red loams over clay

  • The area around here is majority dairy cattle though beef cattle is on the increase. Quite a few market gardens with carrots, onions, pumpkins in the near vicinity. Few sheep, a lot of hay. Many properties have access to irrigation water.


Farm Description

Small but highly productive and fertile property. 4 paddocks laser levelled for irrigation; the rest undulating towards the river. We have come from a broadacre cropping area in south-east WA to a little high rainfall livestock area in the south-west and it makes a big change!