Trading as: Marion Simmonds


  • Beef & Sheep

  • Cattle Lambs Sheep Meat goats

  • 506 Hectares

  • 600 Millimeters

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Brigalow Belah self-mulching black soils.Small area Ironbark red ridge

  • I run 50 breeding cows mainly British White x Brahman,Greyman and Brahman joined to a British White bull.All steer progeny and all heifers except about 6 replacement females are sold at weaning usually straight off farm to backgrounders.
    I have a Suffolk sheep stud and a small Dorper stud plus about 100 commercial prime lamb mothers (Suffolk x Coolalee)I enjoy showing my lambs in Prime lamb competitions and sell the majority of my lambs to a local abattoir.
    I run a small herd of stud Boer goats. I have six Maremma livestock guardian dogs which successfully protect my stock from predators and keep the feral cat population to a minimum.


Farm Description

My aim is to run small numbers of quality animals on a sustainable, bio diverse property.
I allow no shooting,hunting or baiting on my place.
I am quite happy to share it with the kangaroos and emus.My dogs keep the pigs,foxes, dingoes and feral dogs away.
I run the place by myself with a quad bike and couple of stock horses.I use Low stress stock-handling methods and do not have working dogs,jiggers,whips or poly-pipe for stock-work.