Tremaly Lodge


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  • 3 Hectares

  • 2mm - 1137 days ago

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  • Dark dry dusty surface with hard clay base.

  • Primarily a Greyhound Complex, racing and breeding of greyhounds.
    Also small stocks of Muscovy ducks, Mallards, and a few domestic pigs.
    Trying the land on the western slope for Vegetables.


Farm Description

The team of Racing Greyhounds has become the prime focus of our farm now. Our specially bred pups, our first litter, our now 10 months old and doing exceptional. A second litter is due in 2 weeks.
We have not raced through the summer as it has been excruciatingly hot so the dogs have had a great spell.
A recent purchase brought three 12 week old Surf Lorian Pups to our care.
Our race dogs will be back racing at Casino and Kempsey from this weekend.
On the produce side or Muscovy Ducks, Mallards and our pigs are doing great.
Preparing the Western slope of the land for winter veges that should go in this week. Hoping for the rain to come and lift the spirit of the land.