Wandana Hills

Trading as: DJ & LM Earl


  • Dairy

  • Milk

  • 278 Hectares

  • 760 Millimeters

  • 12.50mm - 33 days ago

  • 688 Millimeters

  • Hilly with a combination of Red, Grey soil

  • We supply Longwarry Food Park who make the famous Gippy Milk. Last seasons production figures were 1429716 litres, 60607.68kgs fat & 46387.15kgs protein. We split calve - Autumn/Spring - milking at peak production approximately 300. We lease approximately 250 acres adjacent to the north (turn out) & 200 acres adjacent to the south (milking). We operate a feed pad during the winter. Our herd is mainly Friesian with a good mix of Brown Swiss, Jersey & Jersey cross.We are also have a couple of Angus Bulls which we use to break the AI on the milkers and the herd bulls. We run a registered Jersey Bull with our heifers & 2 registered Friesian Bulls with the milkers after AI.


Farm Description

The farm has been in my husband's family for around 60 years. His father who was originally from Seymour came to the area & met & fell in love with a local dairy farmer's daughter whom he married when she turned 18. Together they had 4 children of which my husband is the youngest. I am also a local girl growing up down the road in Willow Grove but I come from a truck driving family. My father was the local livestock carrier for 22 years he also went to school with my husband's mother.
My husband & I beleive in giving anything a go & this lead us to build a feed pad almost 7 years ago.