Trading as: Warree Partnership


  • Beef & Sheep

  • Barley Cattle Lambs Oats Sheep Meat Wool

  • 800 Hectares

  • 680 Millimeters

  • 13mm - 1646 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Gentle slopes to steeper rocky area. Box Country, Gums in hollows. Well watered with 3 permanent creeks.
    Red/brown loam to lighter clay areas

  • We run a self replacing flock of 1500 Merino ewes. We join approximately 1/3 to terminal sires and run Merino Wethers when seasons are favourable. We also run 60 breeding cows which turn off vealers. We make hay and carry out opportunity cropping at times.


Farm Description

I am 4th generation on the majority of the property and the 6th on one block. It is suitable grazing country but has been cropped, has run chickens and pigs in the past.