Wyald West

Trading as: Steinohrt Enterprises Pty Ltd


  • Wheat and other crops

  • Barley Canola Cattle Lupins Wheat

  • 4500 Hectares

  • 370 Millimeters

  • 97mm - 603 days ago

  • 0 Millimeters

  • Undulating Deep Grey Sand, Deep Grey Loam, with the majority of Red Loam Soils.

  • Average year is:

    2.2t/ha Wheat.
    2.5t/ha Barley


Farm Description

Property Names Below:

"DP" in WA
"26 Mile" in WA
"Lucky Hoof" in WA
"LTD" in WA
"Avalon" in WA
"Doneinaday" in WA
"Wyald West" in WA
"Wylie Shed" in WA
"Lochabar" in QLD